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The K League United Podcast

Jun 28, 2022

After coming so close to doing the improbable, Korea fought valiantly and bowed out to the Germany in the semifinals of the 2002 World Cup. In our final episode of this mini-series, we briefly look at the third-place play-off match with Turkey before delving into the legacy that this team left on Korean football and how much is felt twenty years on.

After defeat to Germany in the semi-finals, Korea's 2002 heroes still had one match remaining; the 3rd-place playoff with Turkey. While for many supporters, this particular fixture would perhaps go by unnoticed, for Korea it served as a fitting farewell to a side that had not only inspired a nation, but had made the football world sit up and take notice.
Matthew Binns is joined by Paul Neat to first go over the match before being joined by Jung Muyeol to get his experience from being in Korea at that time. Later, we are then joined by the founder of the Tavern of the Taeguk WarriorsRoy Ghim, to recall his memories of watching Korea and discuss the legacy this team has left on Korea and Korean football.
All this and more, in the final episode of our K League United Podcast 2002 World Cup Rewind Series.