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The K League United Podcast

Sep 9, 2020

Ryan Walters is joined by Matthew Binns and Peter Hampshire for the return of #KLUlive to discuss a string of surprises in Korean football. Hwang Sun-hong out at Daejeon, Incheon netting three to keep the Great Escape alive, and Seongnam getting their first victory over Jeonbuk in five years. 

That's all before discussing the battle for the top six in K League 1 where Gangwon, Gwangju, Seongnam, and Seoul are all tied on 21 points and fighting for ACL spots with Busan barely behind on 20. Just behind that pack and oddly fighting off relegation while keeping an eye on the top six is Suwon Samsung Bluewings. They face a massive test in their first trip to Seoul this season for the Super Match. Ryan, Matt, and Peter go over what to look for in that one and debate strategies each side should take. 

The Eulji Lewis Mailbag combines livestream and submitted questions ranging from Adam Taggart's rumored exit to potential roster changes to the Olympic squad, and a bit on the pros and cons of more people watching K League at home. All that and more in this edition of the K League United Podcast.