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The K League United Podcast

Sep 28, 2022

This week's bumper edition of The K League United Podcast takes on the small task of dissecting South Korea's final pre-World Cup friendlies, squeezes in a preview of the latter rounds of the K League 1 post-split, and takes a glance at the eye-catching resurgence of Seoul E-Land.

First up in this special extended edition of The K League United Podcast, Matthew Binns is joined by Tavern of the Taegeuk WarriorsFighting Stripes and Taegeuk Warriors Podcast host Michael Welch to breakdown Korea's friendlies with Costa Rica and Cameroon and draw some conclusions on what to expect in the upcoming World Cup.
Paul Neat is then joined by fellow K League TV commentator Alex Jensen to help preview the final five rounds of K League 1 action this October, with an eye on where the key storylines are to be discovered.
And finally, after all but writing them off in his prior appearance a month ago, Michael Redmond returns bearing good news for Leopards fans as Seoul E-Land have found form and could very well crash the K League 2 playoffs.
All this and more on this episode of The K League United Podcast.

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