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The K League United Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

With an international break upon us, The K League United Podcast takes the time to reflect on a year of the launch of K League TV as well as the views of the division from abroad. Host Matthew Binns talks to Eulji Lewis Mailbag regulars and long-term followers of the podcast Charlotte PattersonClint JonesBorja Fern├índez and Azri Firman on their continued interest in the league.


In a special edition of The K League United Podcast, we turn the Eulji Lewis Mailbag around and question some of our most avid listeners and biggest supporters of the website. 

Having spent nearly seven years saying what we think of K League, we hand the reigns over to football enthusiasts from overseas to get their take on Korean football, what they like, why they like it, and what they would like to change.

There's even time to see who wants Kim Shin-wook to transfer to their local league.

All this and more on this very special edition of The K League United Podcast.