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The K League United Podcast

May 20, 2020

With TV deals in 30+ countries, and millions tuning in to watch the opening match on social media alone, there is no doubt K League is in the international spotlight like it has never been before. To assess what that may mean in the short and long term for Korean football, host Ryan Walters is joined by Fox Sports commentator Simon Hill and Incheon United midfielder Rashid Mahazi.  


In the first segment, Ryan speaks with Simon about the oddity of calling a match viewed by millions from the living room, and what kind of knock on effect (if any) to expect from K League being in the spotlight. They also discuss different ways to grow the appeal of Korean football, the importance of the +1 roster rule, and what kind of player movement could come about in the future. 


The second segment sees former A-League champion, Rashid Mahazi, dive into all aspects of his game at Incheon from the physical to the mental. The two discuss the pros and cons of a three-man backline, adjustments made on and off the pitch since coming to Korea, and the importance of Asian players in K League. The conversation eventually turns to relegation, Incheon's seemingly inevitable role in it, and how that pressure can be both a positive and a negative for Mahazi. 


All that and more in this edition of the K League United Podcast.