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The K League United Podcast

Oct 21, 2020

After watching Pohang crush Ulsan in the post-split East Coast Derby for the second straight year, host Ryan Walters turns to Dan Croydon to make sense of it. The two have a rather lively back and forth about Kim Do-hoon's abilities as a manager while Matthew Binns tries to mitigate and keep the Jeonbuk-fan smirks to a minimum. The three also discuss the Dave Bulthuis and Bjørn Johnsen red cards that will see both miss the last two matches of the season. 
The relegation battle takes center stage in the second segment where FC Seoul managed to finally get mathematical safety from the drop. Whether or not this is something they can build on for ACL is another story according to Matthew. They also discuss Incheon's Great Escape chances, Seongnam's tough schedule, and Busan's outlook heading into the final weeks. 
Michael Redmond joins for the third segment to talk about the wild world that is K League 2. Jeju and Suwon remain locked in a heated battle for automatic promotion while Ryan's Jeonnam Dragon's and Michael's Seoul E-Land hold down third and fourth for the final playoff spots. They discuss whether or not the teams can hold on and what to expect in the few remaining fixtures. 
Before hopping in the Eulji Lewis Mailbag, Dan returns to preview this weekend's title decider between Ulsan and Jeonbuk and once again defends his manager. Matthew offers up the keys to Jeonbuk coming away with three points, and then hosts a jam-packed mailbag segment.
All that and more in this edition of the K League United Podcast.