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The K League United Podcast

Feb 22, 2022

With the K League now officially underway for 2022 campaign, this week's podcast sees host Ryan Walters speak with K League TV commentator Alex Jensen and K League Brazil's Khaleby Gomes take a look at the opening weekend and give their key takeaways from the action.

K League is finally back and the weekend brought...

Feb 17, 2022

As the K League 1 raises its curtain this Saturday, The K League United Podcast returns for Season 5 as Ryan WaltersMatthew BinnsMichael Redmond and Jung Muyeol cast their thoughts on the season ahead in this bumper two-part episode.
While in part one Ryan, Matthew and Michael looked at K League 2,...

Feb 17, 2022

With the K League returning this weekend, so does The K League United Podcast as Ryan Walters, Matthew Binns, Michael Redmond and Jung Muyeol sit down to start the fifth season with a two-part preview episode.
In part one Ryan, Matthew and Michael head to where the party never stops, the K League 2. The trio give...