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The K League United Podcast

Jul 15, 2020

Ryan Walters is joined by Peter Hampshire and Todd Wilde once more to assess what they've seen in K League 1 after 11 Rounds. The three each pick a player that has impressed in the first few months, and almost leave out a big name before correcting themselves. They also discuss the teams that have done well for themselves with an emphasis on Kim Tae-wan's Sangju Sangmu.


Paul Neat and Matthew Binns take over the second segment to focus on the U22 rule in the top flight. They go team by team from the bottom of the table up and break down which sides have done well developing their youth, which players have stood, and who could stand to get more minutes. 


Ryan, Peter, and Todd return for the third segment to doll out the bad news and go over the players and teams that have underwhelmed so far. Unsurprisingly Incheon and their Gyeongin Derby rivals FC Seoul get plenty of mentions, but notably so does a prominent Jeonbuk player. 


Finally, the three hop into the Eulji Lewis Mailbag to answer questions about teams that may bounce back from bad form, and several questions about the men on the sidelines in K1. All that and more in this edition of the K League United Podcast.